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To Discover Develope And Deliver Innovative Healthcare Solutions For Patient-Centric Healthcare



To Champion the Health and Well
Being of Every Citizen of India

About the Company

Superceuticals began with a problem that everyone has faced - the tedious complexity of healthcare process of consulting, testing, report delivery and finally the prescription. We wanted to create an affordable, available and faster solution to the entire process.

Superceuticals Private Limited is a health-tech start-up recognized by DPIIT that develops and commercializes technological solutions in healthcare to bring ease to your lives. We offer solutions with diverse applications which simplify complexity, accelerate answers while delivering certainity.

We operate under strict regulations to bring to you the epitome of quality and dependence. Science drives us to create solutions that have the ability to bring a positive change and shape our society. Healthcare is a fundamental right but unfortunately is not as fundamentally available to all. We strive to achive our mission of patient centric healthcare.

We at Superceuticals, are committed to your health. Our team is continously engaged with exploring new clinical frontiers to bring early, faster and easier diagnosis.